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Yahoo security chief reportedly out after merger

The tech giant has recently suffered a cybersecurity black eye. When it combines forces with AOL, the company will reportedly have a new security leader.

Bob Lord

Bob Lord, Yahoo's CISO, is reportedly out after Yahoo and AOL merge.


After Yahoo and AOL officially join forces, Yahoo's security chief reportedly won't be leading the company's cybersecurity efforts.

Instead, the top job, or chief information security officer (CISO), will go to AOL's Chris Nims, according to a report Friday by TechCrunch.

Yahoo and AOL will both be brands under a new media entity, called Oath. The merger, under new parent company Verizon, is expected to close next week. Nims will lead cybersecurity at Oath, the report says.

Yahoo and AOL declined to comment.

Yahoo's cybersecurity reputation has suffered a severe black eye in the last few months, after disclosing two of the biggest known cybersecurity breaches in history. One of them, which occurred in 2014 and was revealed in September, affected 500 million user accounts. Then three months later, the company disclosed an even bigger breach that happened in 2013 and affected a billion user accounts.

The 2014 hack involved Russian hackers that were charged by the Justice Department. Because of the hacks, Yahoo scraped $350 million off its selling price to Verizon.

It's worth noting, though, that Lord took the CISO job at Yahoo in November 2015, according to his Linkedin Profile -- after those breaches had already occurred.

After the deal closes, the combined company could reportedly face up to 1,000 layoffs.