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Yahoo News enlists new editor to lead 'major expansion'

Yahoo hires Megan Liberman, deputy news editor of The New York Times, to be editor in chief of Yahoo News during the company's ongoing transformation.

Megan Liberman, Yahoo News editor in chief
Megan Liberman, Yahoo News editor in chief. Yahoo

Yahoo has hired a new editor to oversee a "major expansion" of Yahoo News.

Megan Liberman, most recently the deputy news editor of The New York Times, stepped into her new role as editor in chief of Yahoo News on Monday. Liberman is being tasked with bringing "defining features" to Yahoo News as well as focusing on social news gathering and live-event coverage.

"Megan is a dynamic addition to the Yahoo News team," said Robertson Barrett, vice president of Yahoo News and Finance, in a statement. "She is a natural fit to lead editorial for the world's largest news site, and she will help us take Yahoo News to the next level."

Yahoo News' previous editor in chief, Hillary Frey, left in March after less than a year in the position.

Bringing on Liberman to expand the company's editorial offerings is just the latest step in Yahoo's ongoing transformation. In August, it was reported that CEO Marissa Mayer had turned her attention to restoring the company's media clout by personally ushering through deals with Katie Couric and Conde Nast.

In addition to making direct hires, Yahoo has brought in a slew of new talent and technology by acquiring 21 companies since Mayer took the reins a little more than a year ago. The company also recently unveiled a new logo (see pictures below) to reflect what Mayer said is "a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo."