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Yahoo Mail slowly comes back, but more work to be done

The company says that POP access is back, that work is continuing on restoring IMAP, and that the remaining delayed messages should arrive Thursday afternoon.


Yahoo Mail's recent troubles are still causing all kinds of issues for the company.

Yahoo posted an update to its Mail Status page on Wednesday night, saying that while it has restored POP access to its service, it was still trying to get IMAP back up. At that point, Yahoo delivered 30 percent of messages sent during the protracted outage and said it expects the remaining messages to be delivered Thursday afternoon.

Yahoo Mail has been set back on its heels for some time now. In October, the company launched a design revamp that drew the ire of users, who complained that the look and feel is too similar to that of Gmail. Yahoo weathered that storm, but this week's ongoing outage, caused by a "hardware problem," has brought back the outraged users.

In an attempt to quell unrest during the restoration, Yahoo said on Wednesday night that users should try to access their e-mail on the Yahoo Mail apps for iOS or Android. The company wasn't willing, however, to say when it might be out of the woods.

"Some users may still have trouble accessing their accounts but we are working through the night on this and will post again in the morning Pacific Time with the latest updates," Yahoo said.