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Yahoo Mail hits 100 million users

Now with more than 100 million active e-mailers, Yahoo Mail has taken feedback from its users to tweak its interface.


Yahoo Mail has hit the milestone of 100 million users and 500,000 Facebook fans around the same time Yahoo has kicked off some layout changes to its popular e-mail platform.

Spreading word of the new numbers in a blog posted Tuesday, Yahoo said that the 5,000 pieces of feedback it gets each day from users go toward many of the tweaks to its e-mail service.

As one example, the company recently made sure that the message toolbar appears at the bottom of long messages, allowing users to more easily delete, move, reply to, or forward any message, especially ones that scroll below the visible screen. The toolbar also now pops up in different views, including message list view, folder view, and message view

Yahoo has also added a switch view feature that lets users jump between paginated and infinite scrolling view, another helpful option when reading long messages.

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The company has continued to tweak its e-mail service this year based on other user feedback, including requests to restore stationery, which Yahoo did back in April.

Yahoo suffered an outage to its e-mail service earlier this month that seemed to affect a large but random number of users based on location. The service also was down in April for a short amount of time.