Yahoo layoffs to spread to France

The Internet pioneer's cut of 1,520 employees globally will likely hit about 50 people in France.

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Stephen Shankland

France isn't immune to the layoffs that Yahoo began last year.

PaidContent.org reported Tuesday that 52 of the country's 251 employees will lose their jobs, citing Agence France-Presse.

Yahoo spokesman Brad Williams said employees in France will be affected by the Yahoo layoff that began in December, cutting 10 percent of staff worldwide, or 1,520 people. Because of different regulations, the French cuts are taking place later than those in the United States, and employees haven't yet been notified.

Williams declined to comment on the number who will be losing jobs or the timing of the cuts. However, a Yahoo source familiar with the situation said the Agence France-Presse figure is in the right ballpark.