Yahoo layoffs of up to 700 employees set for tomorrow

Web giant is expected to make the bulk of the cuts at its product division.

Kara Swisher

It matters a great deal to the unfortunate employees at Yahoo who are being laid off this week for the reporting on the subject to be accurate and to entail some serious effort.

(It's bad enough to lose a well-paying job in this still-tough economy, but to lose one over the holidays requires quite a lot more than incorrectly quoting a tweet off Twitter without checking first.)

And so here's the deal, as BoomTown has previously reported, about what's happening with Yahoo layoffs, set for tomorrow morning:

Yahoo will lay off about 650 to 700 employees.

Those layoffs will come largely from its product division, headed by Blake Irving, although there could be firings in other parts of Yahoo.

The layoffs are mostly in the U.S. units of Yahoo.

Those let go will be notified tomorrow and will likely have to leave Yahoo facilities immediately. Company sources said the action will be completed by early afternoon, Pacific time.

It's definitely bad timing for Yahoo, given it is less than two weeks until Christmas, but cost-cutting at the company seems unavoidable as it seeks to improve revenue and spur growth.

Still, it is another sad day in Sunnyvale, Calif., where the iconic Internet giant is headquartered.