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Yahoo graces Android app with Summly, too

A week after Yahoo brings a new look to its iPhone app with Summly-powered news summaries, it does the same for its Android users.

Yahoo app on Android, featuring news summaries.
Yahoo app on Android, featuring news summaries.

To sum it up: First came the new Yahoo app for iPhone, then came the one for Android.

Just over a week ago, Yahoo brought out an iPhone app that features news summaries delivered using the natural-language algorithms and machine learning technologies from the company's recent Summly acquisition. Now, Yahoo brings us word of its similarly equipped new Android app.

And what a difference that eight days seems to have made in the excitement level for Yahoo.

The announcement of the iPhone app came in a posting from CEO Marissa Mayer and it made sure to name-drop Summly, a deal (reportedly valued at $30 million) on which the ink had barely had time to dry. Tuesday morning's announcement of the Android app came from Fernando Delgado, Yahoo's senior director for mobile and emerging products -- a high-level exec to be sure, but not with the same clout and name recognition as Mayer. And the Summly name was nowhere to be seen.

That aside, the presentation of the two apps was much the same, right down to the screenshots -- albeit this time around on a Samsung device.

Here's what you get from the 6.7MB Android app:

• News summaries. By default, Yahoo will give you a "visual stream of stories" featuring short summaries and what Yahoo calls "immersive imagery."

• Personalization. At the bottom of each story, you'll be able to check which topics you want more of, and which less. And if you're signed into Yahoo while using the app, those preferences will carry over to any other computer or mobile device where you're logged in.

• Visual search. Yahoo says it has enhanced its Web, image, and video tabs to deliver better results.

• Sharing. Articles you're reading will prominently feature buttons to allow sharing via Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other Android apps.

And here are another couple of looks at the new Android app:

Yahoo Android app

Yahoo Android app