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Yahoo enlists Motley Fool

The yahoos and the fools--the Motley Fool investment forum, namely--team up on the Internet.

Jeff Pelline Staff Writer, CNET News.com
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Jeff Pelline
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The yahoos and the fools are teaming up on the Internet.

Yahoo (YHOO), the online search directory, announced today that it is listing the Motley Fool on its service, as previously reported by CNET.

The Motley Fool,a popular online investment forum, will be listed on Yahoo's "On the Money" site.

The Motley Fool claims that it "exists to help you with your investment returns. We do it in the grand style of fools--educating while amusing."

But the site, which has acquired both fame and notoriety on America Online, has sparked controversy among some stock traders and analysts who complain that its tips often inflate or deflate stock prices. A well-publicized case has been the wild market ride of Iomega, one of the stocks touted by Motley Fool. It rose based on ambitious expectations allegedly spurred by the site, and then dropped sharply.

The Motley Fool, whose editors are David and Tom Gardner, offers a disclaimer stating that tips are sometimes provided by people "with whom we have never met or spoken."

It is part of Yahoo's ongoing strategy to expand its content beyond its Internet directory functions, a business plan that led to Monday's announcement that it will offer chat rooms as well. The company has been moving quickly to add new content, including entertainment directories for cities such as San Francisco and New York. While the content is free, Yahoo's site has paid advertising.

"The partnership represents the combined force of two spirited Internet brands," David Gardner said today.