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Yahoo Chief Marissa Mayer gives birth to baby boy

The new CEO of Yahoo has taken on another major challenge -- motherhood. The birth was tweeted by Mayer's husband, who said they're "doing great."

Marissa Mayer
James Martin/CNET

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer brought a baby boy into the world last night, according to a tweet by her husband, Zachary Bogue.

"Baby boy Bogue born last night," announced the proud father. "Mom (@marissamayer) and baby are doing great -- we couldn't be more excited!"

Mayer had tweeted news of her pregnancy in mid-July, shortly after being appointed as Yahoo's new CEO. She revealed to Fortune Magazine that she spilled the beans to the company's board of directors in June and that no concerns were raised.

Mayer is also eyeing a short and busy maternity leave before getting back to the job of running Yahoo full time.

"My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I'll work throughout it," she said to Fortune.

Bogue is a co-managing partner at a venture capital firm called Data Collective. The couple were married in December 2009 on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.