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Yahoo-Alibaba-Softbank: Still no deal

Close, but no cigar--for the time being--as Yahoo and its partners again fail to nail down an agreement, according to an AllThingsD report.


Let's make a deal? Not yet.

One day, Yahoo and its two Asian partners no doubt will finally resolve their long-running talks about how to deal with the sale of its Asian properties. Each of the three players involved in this long-running melodrama--Yahoo, China's Alibaba, and Japan's Softbank--has an interest in getting this done. But it seems that disagreement still rules the day.

The rumored deal would have involved swapping Yahoo's ownership in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan back to those companies in a trade for some still-to-be-determined assets. But the talks are now dead in the water, according to All Things Digital, which quoted unidentified sources saying Yahoo had changed its mind on what it wanted out of a deal.

The New York Times separately confirmed the collapse of talks regarding how to construct what essentially would have been a tax-free transaction. Stay tuned.