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WTF? President Obama to get grilled by podcaster Marc Maron

One of the Internet's prominent podcasters has landed an in-depth interview with the leader of the free world, to be conducted in a garage.

Maron in CNET's studios. CNET

President Obama has gone on late-night talk shows, been ribbed by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and even endured an appearance on " Between Two Ferns." But his next non-traditional political media appearance has us all saying "WTF?"

Comic Marc Maron, host of the ever-popular "WTF With Marc Maron" podcast that revolves around in-depth, often invasive interviews with other comedians, musicians and pop-culture personalities, says he has booked President Obama to appear on his show Friday.

Perhaps the best part of the announcement is that Maron does not have to go to the president for the interview, something he has done with big-time Hollywood and comedy names like Chris Rock. Instead Obama will actually come to Maron's homemade studio in his Los Angeles garage for an hour-long conversation.

While Maron is notably on the left wing of the US political spectrum -- having once hosted on the now defunct liberal talk radio network, Air America -- he's also noted for pulling few punches with his guests.

A Maron interview is something like the 2015 version of a Barbara Walters interview. For all you younger folks, Walters is known for deep, probing interviews that often end with the subject in tears.

On Maron's podcast, guests have come out of the closet as gay, Robin Williams spoke with candid (but still hilarious) poignancy about his battles with depression not long before his death, and Louis C.K. once confronted Maron about basically being a lousy friend.

Maron said on the Thursday installment of his podcast that he plans to interview the president in his home on Friday and post the resulting show online Monday. "Oh my God, I hope my bathroom's clean," Maron said.

We've reached out to the president's staff to confirm the interview and will update this post when we hear back. Meanwhile, we've taken note that the White House's official Twitter account has retweeted Maron's announcement: