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​Wonder Woman for president! Lynda Carter cast in 'Supergirl'

The second season of the TV series "Supergirl" is getting the kind of national leader many of us wish we could vote for in real life.

Lynda Carter fought crime with in style in the '70s TV show "Wonder Woman."
Warner Bros. Television

While the United States argues about whether the next president should be Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, at least we know DC Comics' fictional world is in good hands.

The CBS TV series "Supergirl" (moving to The CW) announced today that Lynda Carter -- best known for her role in the "Wonder Woman" TV series from '70s -- will be running the country (and hopefully having Supergirl's back) as the president of the United States in the show starting in season 2, according to Variety. (Disclosure: The CW is a joint venture between Warner Bros and CBS, owner of CNET.)

The extent of Carter's new role has yet to be revealed, but her first appearance as the president will debut in the third episode of second season and will continue throughout the show.

In addition to Carter's past role as Wonder Woman, the actress also appeared in "Law & Order: SVU" and the films "Sky High" and "Super Troopers."

She also appeared as a guest in another superhero series CW's "Smallville" -- playing a metahuman character Moira Sullivan who could control other meteor-infected people.

"Supergirl" season 2 premieres Monday, October 10 on The CW.