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Wonder Woman reveals glowing bracelets in new 'Batman v Superman' pic

Actress Gal Gadot posts a new image of Amazon princess Diana showing off part of her iconic superhero costume. Within days, we'll get to see see how Wonder Woman uses them in battle.

It's only a week now until the new "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" film hits theaters, but we have a sneak peek at Wonder Woman's famous armored bracelets to look at while we wait.

On Friday, actress Gal Gadot tweeted a new image of herself as Wonder Woman from the film, her wrists crossed in defensive mode wearing her bracelets.

"It's almost here!," Gadot tweeted. "One more week!! Can't wait to finally share this with you all!! #WonderWoman #WhoWillWin #BV"

The indestructible steel cuffs are better known as Bracelets of Submission, and they're worn by all Amazonian women of Paradise Island. The bracelets can deflect everything from bullets to small missiles.

Not only were fans excited to see this new reveal. So was comic book artist Adam Hughes, who noticed the similarities between the live action photo and the Wonder Woman cover he drew for DC Comics.

This new image is also getting fans excited for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie starring Gadot, and directed by Patty Jenkins. The upcoming DC Comics origin film tells the story of Amazon princess Diana and how she became the legendary superhero.

In addition to Gadot playing Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, the "Wonder Woman" cast includes Chris Pine of "Star Trek" as her love interest, Captain Steve Trevor.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" hits theaters on March 24 in Australia and on March 25 in the UK and US. While we can all see Gadot in action as Wonder Woman next week, the "Wonder Woman" origin film doesn't debut in theaters until June 2017.