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Windows Store apps to cost more outside US

The price tags in US dollars will remain the same, but those in other countries will rise as the result of currency and other adjustments, says Windows Central.

You'll soon pay more for Windows Store apps, but only if you live outside the US. Microsoft

Windows users who live outside the US will soon have to pay more money for Windows Store apps.

Microsoft is raising the prices for apps on currencies in such countries as the UK, Russia, China, Denmark, Sweden and Mexico, blog site Windows Central said Sunday, citing a notice sent to app developers. Starting the week of April 13, the tiers that developers use to price their apps and in-app purchases will rise to account for changes in foreign exchange rates, taxes and other factors.

This isn't an arbitrary move on Microsoft's part to get foreign buyers to cough up more money. And it's nothing unusual. Such rates are periodically adjusted so that prices remain consistent across various currencies, Windows Central said.

People who live in the United States won't be affected as the prices in US dollars will stay the same. As one example posed by Windows Central, let's say a certain app now costs $2.99 in the US and 18 yuan in China. After the price tier tweak next month, the app would still cost $2.99 in the US but would inch up to 18 yuan in China.

The changes will happen automatically, so Windows Store app developers need do nothing on their end.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.