Windows Phone 7.8 confirmed 'early 2013', but users unhappy

The next version of Windows Phone will be out early next year, Microsoft says. But is that good enough?

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Windows Phone 7.8, the update that brings software improvements to Windows Phone devices released before the advent of Windows Phone 8, is due within the next few months, according to Microsoft.

In a blog post titled 'An update on Windows Phone 7.8' (I see what you did there Microsoft), the PowerPoint-flogging firm says customers can expect to see the new software "rolled out to as many devices as possible in early 2013."

That matches a rumour from earlier this month, but soundly debunks the theory that the update would be arriving, er, yesterday. The software is expected to introduce MP3 editing for custom ringtones and Bluetooth file sharing, alongside confirmed features like the customisable homescreen and new colour themes.

Microsoft also says that new phones running Windows Phone 7.8 are being released around the world at lower prices, in a bid to get a greater fraction of the Earth's populace hooked into the tile-centric operating system.

With Windows Phone 8 devices already lining shop shelves, being told to wait until next year is too much for many Microsoft customers, and many have taken to the comments of Microsoft's post to air their frustration.

"I feel like I wasted my money, sadly," one writes. Another describes themselves as being, "beyond extremely disappointed. The first WP7.8 announcement was in June of 2012. Five months later, we still don't have it."

"Was excited in June, now just disappointed. My next phone is an iPhone," another says.

The upset is understandable, as Microsoft denied earlier Windows Phone devices the update to Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7.8 was supposed to be a peace offering to early adopters, but having to wait so long to get that peace offering seems like salt in the wound.

"We -- as Windows Phone 7 users -- were the first who trusted the Windows Phones and supported the sales in the early launch," one commenter says, "so we deserve to get the new software as fast as possible."

We asked our Facebook fans what they thought about the delay. One says "It's nice of them to leave their early adopters waiting in the dust." Another writes, "so long wait, I would buy another phone."

Not everyone is irate, however. One Facebook fan says "I have WP7 and it's brilliant, my phone is fast and most importantly for a phone it calls and texts".

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