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Windows 8 ads leak to the Web

Advertisements for Microsoft's forthcoming operating system have found their way online, with a keen focus on teaching users how to work the new software.


Four Windows 8 television advertisements have leaked online, ahead of the operating system's launch later this month.

The advertisements, which first appeared on Israeli technology site TechIt, show off some of the main features of the operating system, but focus on the learning experience for new and existing Windows users.

A number of early adopters have complained that the new user interface is difficult to understand, too complicated or not designed with traditional desktop PCs and laptops in mind. Many reviewers and technology blogs and sites -- including CNET -- have noted that the navigation is tricky and the learning curve is "steep."

Microsoft's advertisements hope to change that. In the four videos, many common features of the new Windows 8 experience (formerly known as Metro) are explained by a user performing seemingly ordinary, everyday tasks -- such as switching between apps and snapping two apps side by side on the display.

Viewers may notice that the majority of the videos show Windows 8 running on a generic-looking tablet.

In spite of the occasional desktop view, the focus of the videos is on the tablet experience -- a keen insight on Microsoft's need to engage with the tablet market.

Microsoft Surface, the software giant's own branded tablet, does not appear in the videos, likely to appease the firm's hardware partners who continue to announce Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft has already faced criticism from Acer chief executive JT Wang, who called on the software giant to "think twice" about launching its own branded tablet, the Surface. Separately, Intel chief executive Paul Otellini slammed Windows 8 during an employee meeting in Taiwan, warning that the operating system -- now only a fortnight away from launch -- still has bugs and is not ready for release.

Surface will debut on October 25 in New York.