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Windows 7 for £50: Where you can still get it

£50 Windows 7 Home Premium pre-orders are hard to find after a blitz of sales last week, but we've tracked down the sites still offering the OS at the discounted prices

Last Wednesday, Windows 7 was thrust on to virtual store shelves for pre-ordering. It was reportedly being snapped up like hot cakes at a hot cakes convention.

So where can you still snag a Windows 7 DVD for less than £50? Well, it seems that more stores are still accepting pre-orders for the sub-£50 copies.

Ebuyer has, at the time of writing, 160 copies for £50 (this was 163 when we first loaded the page half an hour ago, so you might want to hurry). Dixons, Tesco, Staples, PC World and Micro Anvika are all listing available pre-orders at around the £45 mark.,, Comet, Argos and Littlewoods all appear to be sold out.

How long the £50 deals will last for is anyone's guess. But unless you want to pay £79 for Windows 7 Home Premium, pre-ordering from one of the above sites today could transpire to be an outstanding career move on your part.

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