Will Your iPhone Support iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence? Here's What You Need to Know

iOS 18 brings some exciting new features, including Apple's new AI system, but not every iPhone model is compatible.

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Nelson Aguilar
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ios 18 on iphone screen

Only newer iPhone models will support iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence.

Apple/Screenshot by CNET

On Monday at its WWDC conference, Apple announced iOS 18, the upcoming update to its operating system for iPhones. You'll soon be able to more fully customize your home screen and control center, lock and hide your applications, check out the overhauled Photos app and take advantage of Apple Intelligence, Apple's new AI system for your iPhone and other devices.

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But will your iPhone even support iOS 18? And if so, will it support the Apple Intelligence features?

Here's everything you need to know. While you're here, check out everything announced at WWDC 2024.

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Which phones will support iOS 18?

For iOS 18, you'll be happy to know that every iPhone model that currently supports iOS 17 will also support iOS 18. If you're currently running iOS 17, you'll definitely be able to upgrade to iOS 18. Here's the full list of the iPhone models that will support iOS 18:

And while it hasn't been announced yet, the iPhone 16 series will almost certainly arrive running iOS 18.

But will my iPhone support Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence, Apple's generative AI system for your iPhone, is one important aspect of iOS 18. (Note that Apple Intelligence will be released later this year, as a beta. It's currently not available on the iOS 18 developer beta.)

You can use Apple Intelligence to quickly summarize text in Safari, create personalized images in Messages and ask Siri to perform more complex tasks than ever before -- but Apple Intelligence isn't coming to every iPhone.

 Only a few select iPhone models will support Apple Intelligence:

And that's it, unfortunately.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max

It's a sure bet that at the very least, the still unannounced iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will support Apple Intelligence.

Patrick Holland/CNET

These two models are the only ones that have the A17 Pro processor, which is the latest and most advanced chipset Apple has to offer. These are the only two devices, for now, that are capable of supporting the new on-device AI features that Apple Intelligence will bring later this year.

The iPhone 16 will surely be able to support Apple Intelligence, but it's not clear if only certain models will have it, or if the entire series will offer the AI features.

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