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Wikileaks sets sail with new ISP: Sweden's Pirate Party

The Swedish Pirate Party has sprung a leak: Wikileaks, to be precise. The copyright and Web issues party has its own ISP and it's hosting the whistleblower site for free

Wikileaks is to set sail with Sweden's Pirate Party as its new ISP. The whistleblowing site, which publishes leaked documents, has come under fire recently for publishing Pentagon documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sweden's Pirate Party recently started its own Internet service provider PirateISP, providing anonymous access to the Web for Swedes.

The Pirate Party will host Wikileaks for free as part of its commitment to tackling copyright issues and Web surveillance.

Swedes go to the polls in national elections on 19 September, and if the Pirate Party manages to board government it plans to use diplomatic immunity to host servers in the Swedish parliament building. Although that seems unlikely, the Pirate Party is doing an excellent job of highlighting copyright and Web issues.

Scandinavia is leading the way with the recent declaration by Finland that Internet access is a human right, while the government of Iceland recently recruited Wikileaks to draft a law protecting journalists and whistleblowers.