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Wi-Fi is now free when you visit the UK, if you have a MasterCard

MasterCard customers can enjoy free Internet on trips to the UK without paying out a single pound, shilling or ha'penny.

A tourist, yesterday. Professional Images (UK)

Using your phone or tablet when you're overseas can be pretty pricey. Luckily, for everything else there's MasterCard, as you can now enjoy free Wi-Fi in the UK thanks to the card in your wallet.

Credit card and payment services company MasterCard has signed up with British Wi-Fi provider The Cloud for free Internet connection in thousands of public places when you come to visit. Download the MasterCard Priceless London WiFi mobile app, available today from Google Play or the Apple App Store, and you'll be wirelessly connected to the Web faster than a politician spotting 20p on the floor (that's British for "very quickly") without having to pay out a single pound, shilling or queenpence (that's British for "money").

So when you're on your holiday -- sorry, on your vacation -- or travelling for business, you can check email, catch up with your social media friends or even just find your way about without racking up huge data roaming charges or burning through your phone plan's data allowance.

The ability to enjoy music and video streaming services over Wi-Fi also saves you from having to pre-load your tablet with films, ebooks or other entertainment for the trip. And it could help you sidestep extortionate Wi-Fi fees from your hotel too.

The Cloud is a company providing Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK in public places including shops, bars, food places and train stations. For the benefit of international readers who may not be familiar with UK institutions, those venues include WHSmith (books, magazines, dirty carpets); Greggs (two sausage rolls for a pound); Pret, Caffé Nero and Eat (skinny lattes, skinnier sandwiches); Marks & Spencer (posh food, nice clothes, sturdy underwear); JD Wetherspoon's (cheap beer, cheap meals, broken dreams); and PizzaExpress (students on dates).

The app also offers deals and promotions based on where you are with MasterCard's Priceless Cities programme. If you are planning on using the app, it's important to note that MasterCard says you have to download it and register at while you're still at home, before you travel -- so plan ahead, and if you have any problems contact MasterCard for more details. And see you in ye olde pub!