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White House details $20B fund to 'cyber modernize' energy infrastructure

It follows the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline earlier this month.

Privacy and security on the internet
James Martin/CNET

President Joe Biden's administration has detailed how it will create a $20 billion fund for energy infrastructure across state, local and tribal governments to help them "cyber modernize" their systems. The $20 billion would be divided across cybersecurity, grid upgrades and clean electricity, a White House fact sheet said Tuesday.

"Specifically, these modernization block grants will be tied to the use of and compliance with 21st century energy, technology and security standards," the fact sheet said.

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States and local governments will be able to apply for grants, but they must show they have plans to install "technology that detects and blocks malicious cyber activity on information and operational technology networks."

The investment is part of the $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, and an executive order Biden signed last week to improve the nation's cybersecurity.

It follows the May 7 cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, which exposed cracks in US energy defense against cyberattacks