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Which is more addictive: Blackberry or iPhone?

If the iPhone had a real keyboard I would be defenseless against it. In the meantime the Crackberry is my drug of choice.

As I was obsessively checking my Blackberry at OSBC I realized that my usage is no longer about anything but the data. That is, I have no interest in the user experience or how I get from piece of information to another. I only care about the constant flow of information.

Counter that with my experience with the iPhone and an informal poll I did in which iPhone users said that they feel like they are participating with the device, not just consuming it like the Blackberry.

Leaving the form factor aside (I for one, like the BB keyboard) and focusing on the interface, Apple has done a far superior job to RIM and certainly to the carriers who have bastardized the BB interface.

As a Verizon customer (and happy with the coverage and reliability) I find that the Blackberry 8830 that they sell is good, except that the VZW interface tweaks are so lame I don't use the device to it's full functionality. AT&T simply doesn't work at my house so I am limited in my ability to use an iPhone.

Overall, the iPhone is much more engaging than the Blackberry. On the other hand, those who love the Blackberry do so because it's a utility, not an experience.

I'm curious to hear what other people think about this...