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Where can you vote? This f*&%ing site can help

Cuss like a sailor, but still love your country? This new polling location finder is for you.

Alina Bradford CNET Contributor
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Alina Bradford
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Finding your polling location is frustrating. Is it the church on the corner? Is it really that weird neighbor's garage? It is the Post Office? And strange district definitions can mean a polling place right next to your house may not be where you vote.

What's a patriotic wildcat like yourself to do?

That's where Where's My Fucking Polling Place answers the call. The site very politely asks you to type "your fucking address here." If you don't the site gets irate, so you better do it.

Screenshot taken by Alina Bradford/CNET

After you click the search button the site brings up the address of your local voting location with options to share the location on Facebook and Twitter.

Still can't find your polling location, even with an address? Click on the little globe icon to bring up your polling location on Google Maps. Hopefully the map will tell you the actual name of the building.

One particularly helpful feature of the site is it lists who you can vote for, just in case you're not up on who's running, especially the local candidates. There's a list of who's running for president, Senate and House of Representatives, as well as more local political positions.

After trying several addresses from around the country, I found that the site wasn't always that great at finding them all, but when it did work, it was helpful. At least it gave me a good laugh when it came up with nothing.

Screenshot taken by Alina Bradford/CNET