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Where to get the Office 2016 for Mac preview

Office 2011 for Mac is starting to show its age, to say the least. It's time to jump ship to Office 2016, free while it's in preview.

Word 2016 as part of the Office 2016 preview. Jason Cipriani/CNET

The last time Microsoft released a revamped version of Office for Mac users to enjoy was 2011. Apple released the iPhone 4S in October of 2011, which is ancient when compared to today's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

As you may have read on Thursday, Microsoft has delivered on its promise of releasing a preview version of Office 2016 for Mac.

The upgrade brings the refined interface and document syncing through OneDrive. The same features Microsoft offers throughout its Office suite on Windows, iOS, and Android.

To take part in the preview, you simply need to download the installation file from Microsoft's Office preview page. Included in the program is Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and PowerPoint.

You can install the Office 2016 preview alongside your current Office 2011 installation without issue. And with this being a preview, there is the chance you'll encounter the occasional bug. Should that occur, click on the smiley face in the upper-right hand corner and submit feedback so the team at Microsoft can troubleshoot and fix it.

Microsoft is currently targeting the second half of 2015 for the official, full release of Office 2016 for Mac.