Where to find everything about Windows 8 on CNET UK

Windows 8 is finally upon us! To help you get to grips with the new OS, we've compiled a handy guide to all our best articles.

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Windows 8 has arrived, bringing its colourful tiled interface and a slew of odd-looking computers. You'd be right to be brimming with curiosity about the new software, so to help you find out everything you want to know, I've compiled a handy guide explaining where to find all our best articles.

Before you start of course, why not check out our full review of Windows 8 to see exactly what it has in store for you?

How to get to grips with Windows 8

If you've just got your hands on the new operating system, you'll already be aware there are a bunch of gestures and shortcuts to learn before you're up to speed. We've written numerous helpful how-to guides to take you through some of the key tasks.

Which Windows 8 computer is right for me?

There's a baffling array of desktops, tablets, laptops and tablet-laptop hybrids milling around boasting about how they each offer the best way to interact with Windows 8. I've done some of the legwork for you, compiling my top five Windows 8 PCs.

Windows 8 is geared towards touch input, so anything with a touchscreen -- be it a tablet, laptop with a touchscreen or a weird hybrid device -- will be best. Of course, all existing laptops (with a lowly spec of 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz chip) will be upgradeable to Windows 8. Any normal laptop you buy from any high-street shop -- with or without touchscreen -- will have Windows 8 on it from now on. You should therefore check out our full range of reviews of all our laptops to see what's best for you.

It's not just about the operating system though -- to have the most fun, you're going to want to dive into Windows 8's brand spanking new app store and download some software. As a new system the Microsoft Marketplace is nowhere near as well-stocked as its Android and Apple rivals, but that should change relatively quickly. I've rounded up my top five favourite Windows 8 apps to help get you started.

If you decide you're not keen on Windows 8, you can always snag yourself a great deal on any of the existing Windows 7 computers currently being flogged on the cheap. You can then upgrade to Windows 8 as and when you feel like it.

I'll be getting up close and personal with the best Windows 8 devices in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep it CNET UK for all the best news and reviews. Still unsure about anything? Let me know in the comments below and over on our Facebook page.