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WhatsApp adds Joinable calls, a way to hop on group calls after they started

The Facebook-owned app will let you join group calls even if you missed your phone when it rang.

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WhatsApp logo on a phone screen

With WhatsApp Joinable calls, you can leave and rejoin a group call as long as it's still going.

Angela Lang/CNET

WhatsApp is adding a new feature with the aim of making it easier for people to join group calls with family and friends. Joinable calls allow you to hop on a call that's already started, or leave and rejoin the call as long as it's still going. 

The chat app is also adding an information screen to your calls so you can see who's already on the call and who still needs to join. If you want to hold off on joining a call with your friends and family, you can hit "ignore" and join the call later from WhatsApp's calls tab. 

The feature will start rolling out Monday, WhatsApp said.

In June, WhatsApp said it'll add multidevice support, letting you link four devices to one account.

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