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What will the Web be tomorrow?

Marking the 10th anniversary of the first Web page, Web visionaries and leading thinkers talk about what's next online.

As the United States marks the 10th anniversary of its first Web page, CNET News.com presents a series of interviews examining the changes wrought by this breakthrough invention's past--and its future. What do you think the future of the Web brings? A Web gadfly points his stinger
Jeffrey Zeldman The Web developer, who has pushed for companies to adhere more closely to industry standards, reflects on the balance of power in the evolution of the Internet.

State of the Web: Glass half full
Tiffany Shlain Looking past the dot-com debacle, the Webby Awards impresario says more people are using the Web than ever--to the point where things are really starting to get interesting.

Charting the Web's next transformation
Tim Berners-Lee The inventor assesses the future of his seminal creation and cautions about the dangers of not letting the Web remain an independent, impartial medium.