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What to watch this weekend

For a really, really limited time Amazon is giving away its award-winning show, "Transparent." Meanwhile, a very controversial movie is headed to Netflix.

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The weekend is upon us, so it's time to find something to watch while you relax on the couch. For one day only, Amazon will allow anyone access to its original series "Transparent." You'll have the entirety of January 24 to watch the 10-episode season. Amazon's also running a deal that day where it will sell a year of Amazon Prime membership for $72 instead of its usual $99.

Also on Saturday, you'll be able to watch starring Seth Rogan and James Franco on Netflix. The movie generated a lot of buzz when it was the subject of international hacking. From the reviews, it looks like the hacking story might be more interesting than the actual movie. You can judge for yourself.

In upcoming release news, Netflix will be getting a new show produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the brains behind a little show called "30 Rock." It's called and it was originally headed to NBC but Netflix picked up the show for a two-season order. It premieres March 6.

Amazon has also landed a huge name for a new project -- Woody Allen. Allen will direct and write his first-ever TV series for the site. Right now, the program has no official title and is set to premiere sometime next year.

If you're still looking for something new to watch this weekend, check out our full list of everything that's coming or going on Amazon and Netflix for January, plus which BBC shows you should binge on before February.