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What to Watch in 2024: 50 TV Shows We're Excited About

Get ready for a lineup that includes The Umbrella Academy, You, X-Men '97, Avatar: The Last Airbender, House of the Dragon, Fallout and The Bear.

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This year's TV offerings are bound to keep you entertained. Despite a few setbacks in 2023, viewers can look forward to a new wave of shows that include spinoffs, anime, returning series and video game adaptations. We'll also see beloved properties hit the small screen in ways we haven't necessarily seen before. 

For example, there's Netflix's live-action take on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Most of us saw a previous attempt at adapting Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino's animated series, and as a fan, I'm cautiously optimistic about this upcoming version (but still can't wait to watch it). New releases like Fallout, The Penguin, X-Men '97, Shōgun and Agatha: Darkhold Diaries seem like prime candidates for watchlists. 

Star Wars fans are in for a treat, as the brand has multiple shows hitting Disney Plus this year, while Netflix is saying goodbye to popular franchises like Cobra Kai, You, The Umbrella Academy, Big Mouth and Sweet Tooth. There's lots of action with returning series such as House of the Dragon, The Boys, Tales of the Jedi and Squid Game. Comedy is also on deck with Abbott Elementary and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

We'll also admit there are some shows we're hoping will air in 2024, but it's unknown whether their premiere dates have been pushed back -- including Starz hits like Power Book II and P-Valley, and Peacock's Poker Face and Bel-Air. Here's a sampling of the best to come in 2024, and we'll keep this list updated throughout the year with release dates and titles.

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Netflix's live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender arrives on Feb. 22 after years in development. Viewers will get to see Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph and Zuko come to life in this adventure through the elements. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the incarnation of The Tales of Ba Sing Se with Uncle Iroh. 

Griselda (Jan. 25): A fictionalized story about the real-life Colombian crime boss, Griselda Blanco. The series stars Sofia Vergara along with Alberto Guerra, Christian Tappan, Martín Rodríguez and Karol G.

Squid Game: Season 2 is set to return this year, according to Netflix, and the story will pick up with Gi-hun, Front Man, detective Hwang Jun-ho and the Recruiter.

3 Body Problem (March 21): The new sci-fi mystery series is based on the book by Liu Cixin, and comes from Game of Thrones duo David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

The Gentlemen (March 7): This Guy Ritchie series follows Eddie Horniman (Theo James), an unsuspecting heir to a weed business who gets sucked into the British criminal underground. 

Ripley (April 4): Fleabag's Andrew Scott plays Tom Ripley in this thriller based on The Talented Mr. Ripley book. 

Bridgerton (May 16; June 13): Ready to get swept up in another Bridgerton romance? Season 3 is all about Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton's love story, which will be broken up into two parts with four episodes each.

Sweet Tooth: The final installment is expected to come out this year. Watch Gus, Bear, Jepperd and Wendy when their journey takes them to frigid Alaska. 

The Umbrella Academy (Aug. 8): Season 4 will debut with more timeline mayhem, Hargreeves sibling drama and a round of new characters. 

You: It's the final bow for Netflix's hit psychological thriller series. Of course, I need to see how things turn out for its extremely unhinged protagonist, Joe.

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft: Hayley Atwell voices the titular character in the animated series, which is adapted from the video game.

Vikings: Valhalla: Will Freydis, Leif and Harald reunite in season 3 -- and will these relationships survive their time apart? Stream it to find out and to meet Freydis' and Leif's father, Erik the Red.

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid spinoff that finally brought Danny and Johnny together on one accord ends with season 6. However, the show's creators have hinted there may be new things in store for "the Miyagiverse." 

Big Mouth: Middle school finally ends for Nick, Maurice, Andrew, Jessi, Connie and the rest of the gang when season 8 arrives later this year. 

The Night Agent: FBI agent Peter Sutherland possibly takes on a covert new role in season 2.

Devil May Cry: The video game adaptation will make its anime debut, but we'll let the trailer speak for itself. 

Disney Plus

Marvel Studios

Kathryn Hahn returns as Agatha Harkness in the Marvel series on Disney Plus, which will be filled with dark magic and some familiar faces from WandaVision. The show premieres in fall 2024 and will consist of nine episodes.

X-Men '97 (March 20): A revival of the 1992 animated series, this Marvel show includes a voice cast from days past with favorites like Wolverine, Magneto, Rogue, Beast, Gambit and Storm. Keen on this nostalgia trip.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew: Disney continues to build out its Star Wars universe with this new series that revolves around four kids lost in space trying to get home. 

Moana: Based on the Disney film, the musical TV show is meant to be a sequel to the 2016 movie.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: After a well-received first season, a new installment of the animated anthology series is on the way, exploring more character lore.

The Acolyte: Another original series in the Star Wars franchise, The Acolyte is described as a mystery show that unites a Jedi master with one of his former proteges to investigate crimes. 



The Bear just racked up Golden Globe and Emmy Award wins for its latest season, and more food-and-family dramedy is on the way. Will Carmy make it out of the fridge and learn to balance work with happiness? Will Sydney get a real ownership stake in the restaurant? What about Marcus' mom? Fans can revisit the kitchen later in 2024.

Abbott Elementary (Feb. 7 on ABC and Feb. 8 on Hulu):Quinta Brunson's hilarious comedy returns to TV with a one-hour premiere for season 3. Will Janine and Gregory ever truly make it out of the friend zone? Let's see.

Shōgun (Feb. 27): This FX and Hulu series debuts Feb. 27 and kicks off when an English sailor arrives on the shores of Japan. Hiroyuki Sanada plays Lord Yoshii Toranaga in the latest adaptation of James Clavell's novel.

Grey's Anatomy (March 14 ABC/ March 15 Hulu): Season 20 will see Meredith Grey back for a spell and the newest crop of interns in the long-running medical drama. 


Ollie Upton/HBO

Dragons, eyebrow-raising family relationships, shady politics and a looming civil war are on the horizon in season 2. House Targaryen could crumble under the pressure, and the story's events will eventually lead to the demise of dragons. The prequel's battle over Westeros' throne is set to happen sometime this summer, but you can stream all of season 1 on Max.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Feb. 4): Larry David is back for one last go after a nearly 25-year run. Ten episodes will wrap up the series, with each airing on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

Tokyo Vice (Feb. 8): Set in the late '90s to early 2000s, the crime drama returns with more dangerous twists and turns for its protagonist, Jake, and those close to him. 

The Sympathizer (April 14): It's part dark comedy, part spy drama coming from HBO and A24, and is based on Viet Thanh Nguyen's novel. 

The Regime (March 4): A new HBO political satire starring Kate Winslet. The Regime is everything your Sunday nights have been missing. But will six episodes be enough?

Hacks (spring 2024): Deborah and Ava may not have seen the last of each other yet, as season 3 is coming this spring which could mean their comedy-writing partnership finds new life. 

Dune: Prophecy (fall 2024): A prequel that takes place 10,000 years before the events in the book and film, the series will explore the Bene Gesserit. It is due to stream on Max later in 2024.

The Penguin (expected fall 2024): A Max original starring Colin Farrell that picks up after The Batman, with the villain as a Gotham gangster. What's not to like?

Prime Video

Prime Video

Set after the events of the well-reviewed spinoff series Gen V, season 4 of Prime Video's satirical superhero saga The Boys, to me, is can't-miss TV. Butcher is on a countdown for his life while Homelander's power trip gets more terrifying. Another Supernatural alumnus – Jeffrey Dean Morgan – joins the new season as a character who has an interesting dynamic with Butcher. 

Expats (Jan. 26): Nicole Kidman's character is among the community of women living in Hong Kong whose lives intertwine through tragedy.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Feb. 2): Two spies in a fake marriage can't risk blowing their cover in this retelling starring Donald Glover and Mia Erskine. We're eager to see how action, subterfuge and relationship drama blend. 

Invincible (March 14): Part 2 of season 2 will see Mark still grappling with his father Omni-Man's betrayal, and an overarching danger from a new threat. Strap in for the next four episodes of the season.

Fallout (April 12): The famous apocalyptic game hits the small screen in a live-action adaptation that we can't wait to check out.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus

Pilots in the Bloody Hundredth squad carried out roughly two dozen missions during World War II, and this fictional series follows a group of them as they battle the cold, Nazis and other harsh conditions. Austin Butler, Nate Mann, Barry Keoghan and Ncuti Gatwa appear in the show that includes Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks among its producers. Stream it beginning Jan. 26.

The New Look (Feb. 14): If you've ever been curious about the history of luxury fashion icons, then The New Look will take you there. It's fiction, but the series is about how Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain and Cristóbal Balenciaga created their designs and empires in Nazi-occupied Paris -- with some rivalry thrown in. 

Palm Royale (March 20): Kristen Wiig in a late-1960s backdrop? In this comedy, she plays a woman aiming to become part of the privileged class in Palm Beach.



Annette Bening and Sam Neill play parents in their golden years in this Peacock original mystery series. Stan (Neill) and Joy (Bening) sell their tennis business and look forward to hanging out with their adult kids. But a stranger's appearance -- and disappearance -- unravels old secrets. Stream it on March 14.

Chucky (May 5): The second half of season 3 is slated for a spring return with an aging -- yet foul-mouthed -- Chucky, who may or may not make it to season 4. Stream it on Peacock to see if Damballa comes through for him.

Paramount Plus

Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount Plus

Though it will be the series' last outing, I can't wait for season 4 to arrive this May. Evil is an underrated and delicious series with episodes that can linger with you after they end. More Sister Andrea and George the demon, please.

Halo (Feb. 8): At the time of its 2022 debut, Halo set a record as the most-watched premiere for the streamer. Don't miss season 2 when it lands this winter.


AMC Networks

Rick and Michonne find their way back to each other in this new spinoff, but no one knows how they'll fare as lovers, friends, zombie-slaying partners or enemies. Thrust into a different environment, the pair deal with more than walkers as threats. Stream the premiere on Feb. 25. 

Parish (spring 2024): Giancarlo Esposito plays a family man in New Orleans who loses his son, but gets pulled into the criminal world when an old acquaintance pops up. 

Interview with the Vampire (TBA, spring 2024): Season 2 is about more than Lestat and Louis in 19th-century New Orleans, and there are vampires in Paris this time. We like how the story is told from a modern perspective with great music, costumes and performances.

Orphan Black: Echoes: If you loved the original Orphan Black series, then you'll want to give this spinoff a chance. It features Krysten Ritter as Lucy, who has no memory but learns she's a print-out of Eleanor. Stream its 10 episodes this year.