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What time is it? Just ask... Firefox OS?

We've yet to see a rumor about a Firefox OS tablet, but that's fine. Here's one about a Firefox OS 'smartwatch' to sate your watch-ful appetite.

The Bambook Smart Watch will reportedly run Firefox OS and Android.

Rumors have been swirling about Apple and Samsung building smartwatches, but they're not the only ones. One Chinese company is reportedly looking to get into the time-keeping game Firefox OS.

Known for its e-readers and an Android-fueled smartwatch released last year, a subdivision of massive Chinese tech outfit Shanda called Guoke plans to sell a smartwatch in June called the Bambook Smart Watch. The Bambook will come in two flavors, according to TechNode. One will run Android, the other Firefox OS. Reportedly, the watch will cost more than $100, and will have an e-ink screen.

Like Samsung, Shanda has its fingers in a lot of pies, including e-ink screens and Web services. Tech in Asia speculated that the smartwatch could be a big boon for the company, as a smartwatch could read you e-books and other digital literature, update you on Shanda-owned massively multiplayer games that are popular in China, and sync reminders from a Shanda note-taking app.

If the watch is running Firefox OS, though, it could also be like a mini-smartphone, seamlessly syncing your Firefox bookmarks, recently visited sites, and passwords. That could be good for people looking for a smaller form-factor than a phone that's still Web-enabled.

Early reports of Firefox OS indicate that it might not be ready for primetime just yet. Whether it's ready to tell time could be another matter entirely.

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