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What the Create-A-Sim trailer reveals about The Sims 4

Electronic Arts has released a trailer detailing the Create-A-Sim process for The Sims 4 -- and it has some slick reveals up its sleeve.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Every iteration of The Sims gets more detailed in what you can create, and The Sims 4 is going to be no exception... but with great detail comes, well, a lot of menus -- at least, it did in The Sims 3. A new trailer for The Sims 4 reveals that the Create-A-Sim process has had a complete overhaul.

The game seems to have done away with the old clunky menus, replacing it with a click and drag system on every part of your Sim's body. It also allows a wide range of body shapes, from slim and fit to ripped body-builder to obese.

Sims 4 producer Ryan Vaughn doesn't go into great detail about everything you can possibly do as he demonstrates Create-A-Sim in the new trailer, but the video does give a few hints, like facial wrinkles that can be individually edited. The video also shows off a startlingly accurate series of Sims modelled off the Sims dev team -- indicating an extraordinary level of customisability.

Other features include tattoos, facial hair, makeup, accessories and various clothing choices. You can also choose three personality traits for your Sims, and an aspiration -- and, depending on the combination of those traits and aspirations, you can unlock "hidden" traits that make certain activities easier for them.

One thing that won't be returning is the Create-A-Style tool from The Sims 3, which allowed players to add a custom colour or pattern to furnishings and clothing. Given the wide range of options available, though, that might not be such a big deal.

Watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.