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What annoys you? Tell VentBox.

New start-up for people to rant about stuff.

Okay, here are some things that tick me off: irritating cell phone ringtones, fast food, the Comic Sans font, Paris Hilton, bad grammar, and SpongeBob Squarepants. Generally, they don't get on my nerves nearly enough for me to want to tell everyone about it--but sometimes the annoyance reaches a level where I just want to...vent.

Enter VentBox, which is basically a forum for complaints. Type in something that irritates you, write whatever you want about it; not only will it post your vent on the site, it'll also connect you to other VentBox users who are ranting about the same thing. I'm not sure that mutual dislikes are the best base for making new friends online (just because you both can't stand Justin Timberlake doesn't necessarily mean you'll be compatible) but that really isn't the point. VentBox is a way for you to realize that, hey, you're not the only one who's ticked off by your cable company, Peyton Manning, or impossibly-hard-to-open jars of salsa. And that might be refreshing enough to make you a little bit less irked about it all.

Plus, Vent Box has a cool "2.0" look to it, complete with a tag cloud of the most popular vents and ways for you to share your vents on your blog or elsewhere. So, um, if you want to vent about the "Web 2.0" phenomenon, you might want to try writing an angry editorial to your local newspaper instead. Just sayin'.