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What a censored Web they weave

I decided to investigate by tapping in a few other rude words.

Right now I'm in Tunisia with AMD -- not for pleasure, but for reasons I can't legally divulge to the public. No goats, police or ladies of negotiable affection are involved, so as you can probably imagine, I'm having a miserable time.

At this very moment I'm locked in a room staring vacantly at literally hundreds of PowerPoint slides alongside 200 of the world's fattest, smelliest, most bearded geeks. Getting a hotel room on the 'Presidential' floor of our hotel should have made things slightly more bearable, but I've discovered to my horror that Tunisia censors massive swathes of the Internet.

There I was in my room last night, looking for some light entertainment when it happened. I tapped in a search for 'Pussy Cat Dolls', but instead of showing me the money, my browser reported a 404 error. I tried again using the correct spelling ('Pussycat Dolls') and that worked fine. Confused, I decided to investigate this anomaly by tapping in a few other potentially rude words. Most of the time I got the same result -- error 404: page not found.

They've only gone and censored half the Internet...

According to Wikipedia, Tunisia is thought to have one of the strictest Internet censoring procedures in the world. Back in 2005, the government blocked access to the opposition party's Web site. And Human Rights Watch, a New York-based public advocacy group, said President Zine Abidine ben Ali jailed online writers for expressing their opinions. Gulp.

So what do I do about the unfortunate situation I find myself in? Do I try to circumvent the restrictions with a proxy server? Do I hack the Ministry of Information at a low level? Do I picket outside parliament or ask the government if they have any idea who I am? Do I heck. Tonight I'm burning my copy of Maxim (just in case) and curling up with a good book.