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WeShow: Organising YouTube for you

WeTube, a new video-sharing site, hopes to combine clever search and organisation techniques with video streaming to create the ultimate online video resource

You've got to have some asteroid-sized cojones to start up a company based on Web video when YouTube is so humungous, but that's what WeShow is doing. The new video-streaming service hopes to create the ultimate online video resource by combining clever search and organisation techniques with streaming from the world's best video sites.

The site works by aggregating content from YouTube, iFilm, MySpace and others and organises them in a way that should help users find them more easily. This is done through aggressive manual tagging by a large 'development community', or 'tag monkeys' as we like to call them.

WeShow, we salute your efforts to bring order to the chaos of YouTube. We love the clear, logical site design, and the ease with which we can browse videos. But we think you might've missed the point. Isn't trawling aimlessly through random YouTube bilge all part of the fun? Sometimes we don't want to find what we're looking for -- sometimes we want to stumble across new phenomena by accident. We still remember that time we were looking for Angelina Jolie clips and found Lips 2 Da Floor instead. That was a great day.

Then there's the slightly misguided decision to not let users upload their own videos. At the moment you can only suggest videos that exist on other sites, and they'll only be added if they don't break copyright laws. This is so Web 1.0.

Still, if you're a stickler for order and organisation, you should give WeShow a go. It's currently in beta, so don't expect it to have every video YouTube does -- there's no piggin' G-Unit for starters. -Rory Reid