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WebWho Reaches Out to Net Wanna-bes

Scientific Research Management Corp. is offering a new $100 a year service that lets non-computer users set up and maintain mini-home pages with directory listings.

SAN FRANCISCO--Scientific Research Management released today an Internet tool dubbed WebWho, which lets those without computers set up and maintain Web sites.

For $100 per year, WebWho customers can set up a mini-home page with up to 150 words of text and two hyperlinks. In addition, users can add up to 20 keywords to further define their presence in cyberspace.

The goal is to provide a Web presence for a broad swath of users who don't have the necessary computer skills or deep pockets to establish their own sites. The service includes entry into the WebWho directory, which will help locate both users and businesses on the Web, said officials at the San Jose, California-based company.