Webware 100 winner: Topix

Webware 100 winner: Topix

Webware staff

Site: Topix.com
Category: Location-based services

On news site Topix.com, users apply for the job of editor for a topic or a community and once approved, they can add stories, move stories around on the page, and remove the stories that the Topix "roboblogger" has added. Designated editors also can write their own stories for a topic, and even submit them from a mobile phone.

Noneditors can comment on stories and submit them to a topic's editors for later inclusion. In this way it's more like USA Today than Digg. In either case, it's an ever-swirling page of news that's updated at all hours, and on all topics.

One of Topix's newer features is aggregating news photos from around the Web. These are pulled from stories that are already on the service, and provide a very entertaining way to browse the news without actually doing any reading.