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Webware 100 winner:

Webware 100 winner: is an immensely popular social network. is one of the most well-recognized social networks in the world. It's also one of the most trafficked on the Internet. The service originally started as a social network for music enthusiasts and as a place where bands could promote their upcoming concerts or albums.

      The main draw to the service is its user profiles, which are completely customizable by editing some code in the settings. Because of this capability, many sites and services have sprung up, offering various add-ons that require no coding knowledge for the end user. Users can communicate with one another via an integrated e-mail platform, as well as a standalone instant messaging application.

      Since launching with profiles, MySpace has added blogs, a photo- and video-hosting service, and a way to add music tracks to your personal page. Most recently, it's launched its own application platform for third-party developers to create applications that tie into user's data feeds.

      Winner: MySpace (
      Category: Social