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Webware 100 vote ticker: 1,379,364 and counting. Vote now!

What are YOUR favorite Web 2.0 sites?

We're smack in the middle of our annual Webware 100 voting. Webware readers, and users from all over the Web, are letting us know what they think are the best Web apps out there. Or at least the best of the 300 finalists that we selected from a list of almost 5,000 eligible services.

The news is that we crossed the one million vote count Friday. So we're getting some pretty robust data on what's popular among Web users. I wish I could tell you which products are in the lead, but I don't want to skew votes at this point.

I can give out this info: Our two most popular categories for voting are Browsing and Social. That Social is doing well is no surprise; there's a lot of fierce competition in this space, and the inherently viral nature of the services mean voters move in packs. But Browsing? I know people have strong feelings about their browser, but I am surprised to see how many votes are coming in for this category.

Voting on the Webware 100 closes on March 31, so there's still time to get your licks in. Also, you can vote for up to three products in each category, so don't stress it if you feel you can't pick just one winner.

Go vote!