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Web 2.0 browser to fly this fall

Start-up Flock plans to mix in blogs and photo sharing. Also: Firefox makes a deal with Real.

With version 7 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer lurking just around the corner, rival browser makers tune up their offerings.

Flock's 'social browser' set to fly

Date is set for first release of a browser designed to closely link up with Web services for photo sharing, news and blogging.
August 3, 2006

images Web browser lets people see friends' photos hosted on Flickr and other sites via a built-in display.
August 3, 2006

blog Mozilla's browser piggybacks on a renewed deal through which Real helps promote Google's toolbar.
August 2, 2006

Opera reveals version 10 vision

Hot on the heels of version 9's release, the browser company gives a preview of its plans for the next incarnation.
July 28, 2006

JavaScript opens doors to browser-based attacks

Malicious code hidden in Web sites could bypass firewalls to let bad guys into networks, researchers say.
July 28, 2006

Firefox update plugs 'critical' holes

A dozen vulnerabilities are addressed in latest update to the popular open-source Web browser.
July 27, 2006

Microsoft to push IE 7 onto your PC

New version of browser will be delivered automatically to Windows XP users as a "high priority" update.
July 26, 2006