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We're giving away up to $1,000 for a Prime Day shopping spree

Daily chances of winning Amazon gift cards for 10 lucky readers and the prize gets bigger every day. This giveaway ends July 17, 2019 and it's valid only in US and Puerto Rico.


A few lucky winners will get some Amazon gift cards to help their Prime Day shopping.

Angela Lang/CNET

In honor of Prime Day 2019, we've teamed up with GameSpot to celebrate BIG with our readers. With so many amazing deals happening, we're giving away Amazon gift cards for 10 consecutive days so readers can indulge on Prime Day deals

Here's the scoop: the value of the gift cards increases as the giveaway progresses, from July 8 to July 17. You can come back every day to fill out the email part of the form and qualify for the prize of the day. But you can also follow us on social media via the optional additional actions to accumulate extra entries and increase your chances of winning.

The gift card amount per day breaks down like this:

  • Day 1: Congrats to Timothy K. from Ohio for winning $200  
  • Day 2: Congrats to Timothy B. from California for winning $250 
  • Day 3: Congrats to Jeryl D. from New Mexico for winning $300
  • Day 4: Congrats to Jeanine P. from Texas for winning $350 
  • Day 5: Congrats to Lillie C. from Georgia for winning $400 
  • Day 6: Congrats to Andrew G. from California for winning $450
  • Day 7: Congrats to Van C. from Texas for winning $500
  • Day 8: Congrats to Carla S. from Alabama for winning $600
  • Day 9: Congrats to John S. from Florida for winning $700
  • Day 10: Congrats to Nathan G. from Massachusetts for winning $1,000

What do you need to do to enter? Please read our rules carefully, and fill out the form agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you're having trouble viewing the form use this link.

Use this calendar invite to remind yourself to stop by each day to add an additional entry -- it just takes a minute!

Here's how to add this to your calendar:

Google Calendar: Download the calendar invite. Then on the calendar page, click on the gear icon and choose Settings. Click the calendar tab, Import Calendar and the Browse button to select the invite you downloaded. Then click Import.

Apple Calendar or Outlook: Simply click on the invite.

Good luck everyone, and let us know what you would buy if you won in the comment section below!

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