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Waze lets you order up a Dunkin' Donuts binge

Google's traffic navigation app will let users preorder items from the donut shops to pick up en route to their destinations.

Google's Waze navigation app has started a preorder feature for Dunkin' Donuts.
Getty Images

Google's Waze navigation helper wants to be your donut concierge too.

The navigation app said it's working with fast-food chain Dunkin' Donuts to allow preorders that you can pick up along your drive. The feature launched Tuesday.

Since being acquired by Alphabet's Google in 2013, the crowdsourced navigation app has added features like advertising that nudge drivers to stop by nearby businesses and Uber-like ride sharing in select cities. The new partnership with Dunkin' Donuts represents the first time Waze has let users order ahead, but the concept could expand to other restaurants as well as different services, like parking garage reservations or pharmacy pickups.

To take advantage of the Waze preordering, you'll need to be pretty dedicated to your Dunkin' Donuts to start with. You'll need the Dunkin' Donuts app installed on your phone, even though the app won't actually open when you preorder through Waze, and you'll need to register with Dunkin's customer loyalty program.