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Accept lets you make goofy faces while meeting people

Take pictures of yourself. Browse other people's pictures and get in touch with them.

One of the greatest pieces of software Apple has ever come up with is Photo Booth. It's dead simple to use, and about as entertaining as chasing a cat around with a laser beam. There are a handful of Web-based alternatives, but one of the cooler ones out there is

Unlike Apple's PhotoBooth, there are no fancy effects to change the way you look (for that check out Sigost). Instead, you get four pictures to show off your "personality," and other people rate you on a "lust scale" of 1 to 5 hearts akin to Hot or Not. Although unlike Hot or Not, it's not just fishing out the best picture of yourself, you actually get to have fun doing it.

Photos can be geotagged by zip code and all you have to do to set up a profile on the service is enter your gender and age. Other users can then sort through the photos to find the age range and region they're looking to scope out, and can contact you (free of charge) via the intranetwork messaging.

The service plans to expand to an interactive TV network for a variety of Webcam shows from talent to dating. It reminds me a little bit of WooMe, which actually lets people talk together (albeit briefly) before making the plunge at further communication.

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