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Watch this Star Wars fan film shot using drones

Drone TIE fighters chase R2-D2 as the plucky droid pilots X-Wing in this fan-made movie complete with special effects and iconic Star Wars music.

Even with George Lucas no longer at the helm, Star Wars seems to be left in capable hands with Disney calling the shots at Lucasfilm.

But for those of us fans who grow impatient waiting for "Rogue One" to be released, it's up to us to make our own movie magic. So what better way to make an R2-D2 adventure than with drones?

In the video "Drone Star Wars" posted by YouTube user Corridor Digital, R2-D2 pilots Luke Skywalker's X-Wing solo with Imperial Stormtroopers in TIE fighters hot on his trail.

The X-Wing and TIE fighters are drones that shoot from the ship's point of view, making this a very cool fan film created from the pilots' perspective.

"Drone Star Wars" was shot with help from the talented crew at Rotor Riot who got the in-flight video footage from the drones' perspectives to use in the film, which runs 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

Whether the chase takes the ships zigzagging through dessert terrain, weaving around bridges, or speeding through a forest, "Drone Star Wars" feels just as exciting as the real action-packed feature-length Star Wars films.

Be sure to also watch this behind-the-scenes video, which shows how Corridor Digital made the props and effects to go with the drone footage.