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Watch this kitty stowaway somehow not freak out mid-flight

A daredevil cat hitches a ride on an airplane and somehow manages not to freak out -- or fall out -- during a flying lesson at a French Guiana flight school.

Talk about a dramatic cat video. When a pilot learns that a kitty hitched a ride on the small airplane he's flying, his reaction is pretty priceless.

The video was posted Sunday by YouTube user Romain Jantot of the Club ULM 16-34 flight school in Kourou, French Guiana. Less than a minute into the flight, Jantot and his co-pilot are pretty shocked to learn they have a feline stowaway aboard the tiny open-cockpit glider.

The look on both Jantot and his co-pilot's faces as they discover the daring mouser inside the wing are pretty priceless. Fortunately, neither the passengers nor the kitty overreacts, and the way-too-calm-for-the-situation cat manages to stay firmly attached to the plane for the duration of the brief flight.

Jantot posted in the video's description that he didn't know when the kitty managed to sneak aboard the small plane, adding that the cat is doing well post-flight and has become the flight school's unofficial mascot.