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Watch real-life 'Captain America' save the day

A US Army captain just happened to don a "Captain America" T-shirt on his day off, and it turned out to be an appropriate uniform.

Captain Voglezon in "uniform." YouTube screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

To create a real American hero, there's no need to spend millions on costumes, CGI effects and stunts. Apparently all it takes is a little US Army training and a faded T-shirt.

When off-duty Army Captain Steve Voglezon put on his red "Captain America" T-shirt on Sunday, he surely had no idea it would be even more apropos than the uniform he wears most other days. When Voglezon came upon the scene of a fiery head-on collision on a North Carolina road, he quickly sprung into action, rescuing two people trapped inside one of the crashed cars, despite the smoke, flames and explosions that engulfed the twisted metal wreckage.

Witness John Spurrell helped one of the accident victims get clear of the scene before filming the below video that shows the 27-year-old Voglezon dragging one person out of the burning wreck before first responders even arrive, and then sprinting back for another, forcing his way into the passenger side door to make the rescue.

Voglezon plays down his role in the rescue, crediting his Army training and the number of other nearby neighbors and first responders who also helped on the scene.

"We're all called to do what we have to do," Voglezon told WNCN-TV. "Today I was called to be there at that spot at that time."

Thanks for answering the call, Captain. Perhaps a better sequel to "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" would be "Captain America: The Weekend Soldier."