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Watch Doctor Who on Facebook using Facebook Credits

BBC Worldwide has put classic episodes of Doctor Who on Facebook for your viewing delectation. You will have to pay though -- roughly £1 per episode, using Facebook Credits.

Woo-eee-ooooh, weeeeee-eee-ooooh -- that's the noise you'll make when we tell you that you can now watch episodes of Doctor Who from within Facebook, courtesy of BBC Worldwide, and in exchange for Facebook Credits.

You can watch classic episodes of the irrepressibly British sci-fi show from the official Doctor Who Facebook page. Click Like and you'll be shown all the episodes available. There are nine of them currently, including Greatest Show in the Galaxy, which has never been released on DVD, provoking significant excitement in our resident team of Who-ophiles.

You will have to pay though -- each episode costs 15 Facebook Credits, which currently equates to 94p, which isn't too great a sum. Once you pay, you can watch the episode as many times as you want for 48 hours (unless you're a Time Lord and unconstrained by hours and days, in which case: super-good deal).

Paying sounds annoying, but to be honest, we think this has potential. Facebook is a convenient video destination -- we spend all our time on it anyway -- and the ability to easily comment on stuff you're watching could be a lot of fun.

We've bought one of the episodes (for scientific purposes you understand), and it seemed to play smoothly and look reasonably good, considering many of the available episodes are rather long in the tooth.

The BBC is clearly taking an interest in Facebook's video offering. We reckon the next step in Facebooks Credits' takeover is to embed a 'Buy with Facebook' button on every online retailer's website, so everything you buy goes via Facebook, using Facebook's own currency. Or Zuckerbucks if you will.

Meanwhile, Apple's reportedly upping its own video offering, with full 1080p iTunes movies in the works, according to AppleInsider.

Check out the Doctor Who offering for yourself, and let us know what you think. And while you're 'Like'ing Facebook pages, why not show our own humble corner of Facebook some affection? Go on, sometimes we post pictures of cake!