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Watch bowling balls plummet to their demise

Sometimes humans just want to break things. And did you know that sliced-open bowling balls look a lot like gumballs?

There's probably no logical, scientific reason to drop bowling balls 150 feet off a tower on to an axe and watch them get sliced and diced like a Benihana lunch. But sometimes human beings just like to break things. Or maybe someone clumsy who'd dropped a bowling ball on their foot one too many times wanted revenge. You might even say they had an axe to grind.

When the affable Aussie trick-shot crew from the That's Ridiculous YouTube channel decide to go for a 7-10 split, they mean it literally.

So many things amaze me in this video. The guy who drops the bowling ball directly on the axe blade from 150 feet high on his first attempt. How the dense ball just slices away when it hits the axe, like a kid gnawing on a gumball. The proud way the axe just stands there, slicing bowling ball after bowling ball, like an army of Viking warriors, or at least a Ginsu knife cutting through a beer can. The apparent ease of finding an untended 150-foot (45 meter) tower in Australia.

This needs to be the next Olympic event. Australia will take all the medals. It's right up their alley.