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Thrill-seeking unicyclist rides on edge of 840-foot-high chimney in Romania

It takes someone with superhuman balance and nerves of steel to unicycle and juggle on top of a tall, crumbling structure. Meet Flaviu Cernescu.

Some people like to live on the edge, but daredevil Flaviu Cernescu prefers to unicycle on the edge.

On Wednesday, Cernescu posted a YouTube video of himself and a friend having fun on top of a very tall abandoned factory chimney measuring 840 feet high (256 meters) at CET Targu Jiu in Romania.

The video shows Cernescu riding his unicycle the chimney's rim, as well as performing various circus tricks such as balancing on pieces of wood and juggling oranges.

He also shows how scary the climb down can be as he slowly maneuvers through bent metal railings, crumbling stone walls and the kind of rickety ladder not even Indiana Jones would trust.

Much of the footage is from Cernescu's point of view so we can all pretend we're the adrenaline junkie doing death-defying stunts when we're really safely at home watching from our comfy chairs.

For those who want to see even more frightening feats in unicycling, Cernescu's YouTube channel is full of videos featuring his crazy stunts on top of the world's tallest abandoned structures.