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​Watch a liquid nitrogen squirt gun battle a flamethrower

The Backyard Scientist beats the summer heat by making his own Freeze Ray from liquid nitrogen and a metal thermos. Oh, and he builds a flamethrower too, just for fun.

Living in Florida during a summer heatwave can be brutal, but the Backyard Scientist is here to help, or at least make it more interesting by building not only a liquid nitrogen squirt gun but also a flamethrower.

In his latest video "Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower" -- posted on YouTube this past week -- the Backyard Scientist has some fun with liquid nitrogen.

After filling a stainless-steel thermos with liquid nitrogen, the video maker shows how pressure from the liquid turning into a gas makes the nitrogen come out the tube, which is attached on the top. The result is an impressive cloud of cold water vapor that can shoot from the liquid nitrogen squirt gun at 20 feet.

Using the liquid nitrogen squirt gun, Backyard Scientist cools off a friend, freezes flowers and even attempts to put out a computer laptop fire.

But if that wasn't exciting enough, the video also shows a battle between the liquid nitrogen squirt gun and a DIY flamethrower -- made using engine starting fluid, to see which is the more powerful of the two.

The "MythBusters" crew would be proud.