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​Watch a hydraulic press get the last bit of toothpaste and ketchup

See the awe-inspiring crushing power of a hydraulic press squeeze an impressive amount of condiment and toothpaste out of seemingly empty containers.

While most people use hydraulic presses in machine shops for punching holes in metal, the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has figured out that crushing unusual items in them tends to make for viral entertainment.

In the channel's latest video, posted Monday, viewers see what happens when a hydraulic press squeezes out the last bits of toothpaste and ketchup from their containers.

This video will feel extra satisfying to those who have found themselves shaking near-empty bottles of ketchup only to get a mere drop on their hot dogs. Or maybe thrifty viewers who complain to their disbelieving housemates that there's plenty of paste left in an empty tube will be able to use this mesmerizing video as proof of their theory.

In the video, the hydraulic press first squishes out a remarkable amount of toothpaste from what originally appeared to be an empty tube.

Of course, it isn't the most elegant process, because when the press comes down not only does the toothpaste shoot out onto the toothbrush, it also gets all over the press operator's hand.

Get the rest of the ketchup out of an almost-empty bottle with help from a hydraulic press.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

For more fun, full tubes of toothpaste get the hydraulic press treatment, with explosive results.

"We have an equally bad situation," the host continues. "Our hot dog is otherwise ready, but we don't have any ketchup left or just a little bit. So we are going to use the press to solve that situation."

At first, this seems like a smart idea as the ketchup slowly tops the hot dog. Then all at once, an impressive amount of liquid squirts out onto the hot dog and the press operator's hand and arm, provoking plenty of off-camera laughter.

Previously, the Hydraulic Press Channel has given us such memorable gems as flattening old cameras, murdering gummy bears, destroying Lego bricks and going meta by smashing a smaller hydraulic press.